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Health Minister to continue setting up new rules for health system
joi, 9 iunie 2011   ::   0 Comentarii :: :: Stiri
There must be established new rules in the health system, but these must be followed by every single person, otherwise the system will not have the same standards as those from abroad, Minister of Health Cseke Attila said in an interview with Agerpres.
According to Cseke Attila, the interest of the health system and certainly of the patient is to provide health services, to pay the family doctor by a percentage as higher as possible for his real work and less for the number of names on the list. From this viewpoint, the reform of the primary medical assistance, from the point of view of the system's manager is that we succeeded in recording a percentage of 50 percent to 50 percent since June 1, after having taken over this system at end-2009 with a percentage of 90 percent payments of revenues per capita and 10 percent per service.
Romania's Health Minister also refers to the bonus of 100 percent established for the family doctors working in the Delta area. In his opinion, 'this bonus is fully deserved, as there are very few doctors in this area and given the geographic difficulties, their activity encounters many obstacles and for this reason I believe the conditions in this type of zone require an extra bonus.'
According to the minister's statements, the budget of the primary assistance has plunged by 25 percent as early as since 2009 compared to 2008, this leading to a sharp decrease in the family doctors' incomes. In 2011 the budget went down by 3 percent against 2010.
Regarding the number of patients assigned to every doctor, up to 1.800 persons, Cseke Attila admits the fact that there is no point in discussing about a perfect division, as it does not exist, no matter what part of the world. Besides this shortcoming, the city halls increase rents for consulting rooms, even by 60 percent in Bucharest for example.
The minister insists that family doctors must solve the issues regarding the payment of their activity with the local authorities that 'boost revenues taking advantage of family doctors.'
Cseke Attila says he is not surprised that some hospitals think they have been unfair treated, but the organization rule for hospitals was necessary. Now the important thing is that 'for the first time clear funding rules are established, namely some minimal amounts, in minimal proportions, to be contracted by the health office with every classified hospital,' he says.
With respect to the classification of private hospitals, the minister says their problems are connected exactly to this aspect, as these clinics have been founded depending on the domain in which the owner or the manager were interested. According to the definition of the expert, the hospital must provide certain health services. 'When we said that a particular unit does not belong to the fifth category or is unclassified as a private structure, we became aware of the fact that it did not provide all medical services in order to be considered a hospital,' the minister points out. AGERPRES
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